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Unscented Quartet - 3 Monthly Subscription


Unscented Quartet - 3 Monthly Subscription

4 Bars of Soap. All are Unscented. Made in the UK.

1 from The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company. Handmade in Devon from raw Goat's Milk (80g)

1 from Emma's Soap - The Organic Jojoba Bar 'Unscented'. (85g)

1 from Cyril's Soap Shed - an Unfragranced Goat's Milk Soap (90g)

1 from EcoLiving - an Unscented Exfoliating Oatmeal bar (100g)

An ideal gift for anyone with sensitive skin.

Use Soap, wash your hands, save lives and raise money for charity.

We donate 20p to charity for every bar we sell.

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